सत्य, तथ्य, निष्पक्ष खबर, पलपलमा सारा खबर

सत्य, तथ्य, निष्पक्ष खबर, पलपलमा सारा खबर

Hospitality Jobs Portal job4.online online has been launched in Australia

Kathmandu. The portal job4.online has been launched in Australia. The aim of this portal is to provide employment especially in the hospitality sector.

From the portal job4.online launched by Jab Pho Online Company, there is a demand for manpower in this field, from hospitality to making many dishes. Company has claimed that it will be helpful to find a new platform career in Australia for cook, waiter, bar tender, housekeeper to event planner, executive sap, manager etc.

Those who are looking for a job in Australia from anywhere in the world can go to job4.online open a personal account and choose the job that suits them and apply.

Candidate can publish their resume on the website. Similarly, they also can flow favorite company and get information about new vacancies, and can download modern-style resumes.

According to the company, this portal has been developed to make it easy for people in the hospitality sector to find work and provide work capacity.


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